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cartridge filter housing

cartridge filter housing

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Product Description:
The filter element filter medium is composed of a variety of different materials, according to the production process can choose a variety of materials.
The utility model has the characteristics of large filtering area, small pressure loss, convenient operation, good separation effect and high filtering precision.
This product is widely used in beverage, chemical, pharmaceutical, electronics and other industries.

cartridge filter housing

Technique parameter:
Technical data of Cartridge filter housings:
1.Housing body material:SS304, SS316,SS316L
2.Suitable filter cartridges:1pcs,2pcs, 3pcs, 5pcs,7pcs, 9pcs, 11pcs,13pcs,15pcs
3.Length of cartridges :10 ", 20 ", 30 ", 40 "
4.Seal material:Fluorine rubber, PTFE
5.Oprating press(Bar) :10
6.Flow rate(Mesh):0.001u~100u
7Connection:Flange and butt welding

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